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Single Session (50 mins)       

Couples Counselling (70 mins) 





Can I claim a Medicare or Health Fund Rebate?

The bad news is you can't claim either. The good news is that the cost of a session is priced to be comparable with the gap payment you'd make with services that do qualify with Medicare. So you're not going to be out of pocket. 


Will I be limited to 10 sessions per year?

Since our sessions will not be partially funded by Medicare rebates you'll be able to have as many sessions during the year as you actually need 🎉 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, all sessions must be cancelled with 48 hours notice so the appointment can be made available to someone else. Sometimes we wake up and don't feel like going to counselling, and in my experience those are often the best sessions I have with clients! 

What's the difference between a Psychotherapist, a Counsellor, a Psychologist?

Confusing isn't it! A Psychotherapist is really just a fancy word for a Counsellor - they're synonymous. And the only difference between a Psychologist and Psychotherapist is that our training is slightly different. Psychologists study a broad range of topics from organisational behaviour to statistics. Therapeutic work is one aspect of their training. Psychotherapists' training is entirely focused on learning to be therapists. 

Do you offer weekend and evening sessions?

I do have a very limited number of slots on Saturday mornings and some evenings. 

How long will I be coming for counselling?

It varies hugely. I usually see people weekly for the first month and twice a month after that. After 10 sessions we'll review your progress and determine whether there is more you want to work on. My job is to make myself redundant! My goal is to empower you not make you dependent on me. To connect you with your own wisdom rather than having to rely on mine.

If you've never been to counselling, therapy or coaching before and haven't cultivated your self-awareness it'll probably take a bit longer than for someone who has been walking the personal growth path for a little while. 


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