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My passion for this work was forged in my own messy human life. For decades I grappled with chronic self-doubt and anxiety, poor body image, compulsions and relationship breakdowns. 

That was until I finally learned how this whole Human Being thing actually works. And I discovered that happiness, health, confidence and wellbeing are buried inside all of us. 

The problem is that no one teaches us how to access it. Just think how much time you spent learning about Shakespeare, driving a car, Bunsen Burners and Trigonometry. And how little (if any) time you spent learning to navigate your inner world. 


We don't know how our thoughts work. Or what to do with our difficult emotions. No one helps us make sense of our seemingly senseless habits. And without these vital pieces of the puzzle it's no wonder we get stuck!

BA Hons, Post Graduate  Diploma Counselling & Psychotherapy
10 Years of Experience
Married with three kids

All of this is much better news than it sounds. It means you're not broken or lacking something. You just need to master the psychological skills you were never taught. So you can overcome this and every future difficulty, with courage, creativity, self-compassion and confidence. 


Dip your toe in the water by booking a free 15 minute call to explore how we can work together.


Remember mobile phones before the iPHONE?  The world of therapy is going through a similar transition.


Traditional approaches are becoming outdated. Going over and over what happened when you were 3, hoping for some earth shattering moment of catharsis has been shown to be ineffective and maybe even harmful. 

And approaches you may have heard of like CBT often provide some initial benefit but fail to get to the root of what's bothering you. 

I draw on a range of next-generation therapies that allow us to create better outcomes in less time. One of those approaches is called IFS. If you've seen the PIXAR movie Inside Out you already know how IFS works. And if you haven't - watch this entertaining 2 minute clip and you'll get the idea immediately. 

In the movie we see inside the head of 11 year old Riley and discover that she's got all these parts of herself running around trying to keep her happy, healthy and whole. The movie starts to get interesting when the different parts start fighting about how best to make Riley happy. 

Isn't that what it's like for us too? Part of you wants to eat a delicious 🍪 but another part is insistent on dieting.

A part of you knows not to shout at your kids or spouse - but another part just can't help itself. 

In IFS (which stands for Internal Family Systems - aka your INNER FAM-BAM) we look at the difficulties you're running into and trace them back to the fights your internal family is having. And when you can get your internal crew working together rather than fighting each other - things change rapidly in your life. It's exciting to watch. 

It's an amazingly intuitive and efficient approach and most clients start to even enjoy and look forward to their sessions.

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