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We're born whole. Convinced we're lacking. 
And then given a dubious list of ways to make ourselves feel whole again 🤪


Our lives are driven by a sense of insufficiency. And although fear undeniably moves us, it's a dirty
kind of energy that pollutes our being. 

Let's switch to the renewable power of the soul.

You can think of me as a kind of spiritual midwife. I help people give birth to their souls. 


In spiritual labour the psyche must open, just as the cervix did to enable your physical arrival on Earth.


But so often our heads are too cluttered with conditioning. And we resist the psychological and emotional contractions that are designed to deliver our souls. 

We keep our hearts and minds tightly closed. Which means that tragically, many of us cannot be spiritually delivered until we're on our physical deathbeds. 

I created              to provide a sacred place for people at all stages of spiritual labour, to get the support and guidance they need to deliver their souls. Giving birth to yourself can be a frightening, lonely process that goes on for years. Decades even. But it needn't be.      

Thanks for considering joining our community. Where we go alone, 

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Your fears and insecurities keep diverting you from your path. And the old wounds that generate them refuse to heal. 

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You cling on and try to control situations when what you really need to do is let go. But you don't know how to. 

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Your interior is too noisy. Your mind is chatty and your emotions are crashy. Meditation is about as relaxing as a holiday on the freeway. 

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You experience wild swings in perception. One moment you see through the expansive eyes of the soul. The next your fears totally cloud your vision. And you feel a bit nuts! (You're not ❤️)

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Your creativity is being stymied by self-doubt, procrastination and a lack of clarity about your soul's purpose. 

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You still get caught up in other people's insecurities about your direction and start doubting yourself just when you need to back yourself. 

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You're still anaesthetising yourself. As a naturally deep feeling, empathic person you get overwhelmed by your emotions and turn to old ways of numbing out. 

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You can't access your soul's wisdom when you need its transformative power the most. Your psychological weather causes the signal to drop. 


(There, I said what you already knew) 

Give us a few hours a week and we'll help you love your fears into non-existence


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