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NB. Very limited availability until March 2023

You need to be able to navigate back to your true self, through even the most intense emotional storms. The same situations keep throwing you off your path 😭


It could be money worries. A fear of heartbreak. An inability to speak up or....something else that triggers you.

In a waking up session we teach you to ride the vast waves of the psyche, all the way home to the immensity that you really are. 


So that when small, still voice speaks. You hear it. 





Reality is simple, but our perceptual faculties are breathtakingly complex. Take your eyes, they send flat 2D images to your brain, which then builds a 3D model of the world in realtime 🤯.

Extrapolate from this one example and it's easy to see how a gap can open up between the simple truth of a relationship, work or health situation and your model of it. A space in which we find the origins of all forms of suffering. 

If you'd like help to close the gap, I'm here to help.

(Please note my availability for new coaching clients is very limited until February 2023. I apologise if you can't find a suitable time. As an alternative you may be interested to join my wait list here.

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