"Matt helped me kick start the process of discovering an exciting new direction for my life.  I might have wasted a lifetime waiting for answers which may have never come! I can't thank him enough for helping me in such a profound way.  Through his inspiration, assistance and guidance l have started to find PURPOSE, MEANING and HAPPINESS again yaaay!"


"I started working with Matt after I attended a large group workshop he led as a free event during the Midsumma Festival. I was immediately drawn to Matt's enthusiasm for what he does, his respect for the community he works with, the humour he brings to his work and the actionable ideas he focuses on as part of the self-development process.  Over the course of our work together Matt acted as a major catalyst to change my outlook on myself and relationships.  I've worked with a couple of therapists and life coaches before, and some things that stood out were: his method of note-taking (including sharing the notes with me to reflect on), his ability to re-frame my thoughts and ask me specific questions to get me thinking productively, his ability to keep a sense of humour about the serious stuff,  and his insistence on actionable 'homework' where we could track my progress week-to-week.  For me the work was a very effective approach that allowed me to challenge some counter-productive beliefs I held about short-term dating and long-term companionship.  I strongly recommend Matt for anyone who feels stuck or at a turning point in life.  Matt is fantastic at what he does, and as I move forward, I feel very confident in my romantic life and the rest of my life' 


"Having Matt's support and guidance over the last three months has been invaluable for my work life. We met in person initially and then we had three skype meetings (as I live in Sydney) and many emails and brief phone calls in between. Matt challenged me with reflective questions and helped me take action for finding work and exploring options for setting up a business venture. I am feeling much more confident about my capabilities and my future.  In gratitude"


"I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who wanted to address any issue that they have.  Matt’s unwavering dedication to the multifaceted techniques he used to help guide me, has been so refreshing. Having tried lots of different types of personal development approaches, including healing, psychology and counselling, I can honestly say that working with Matt as a coach, has been the most progressive solution, with the most usable tools.  Matt truly cares about his clients and one of the nicest things about working with him was that he invests himself in you,  his passion is totally infectious and he adapts the sessions to ensure you are kept on track to your goals (even the ones you didn't know were there).   He has been a total inspiration and I am a better person for having met him.  The only thing you have to lose is the thoughts/self that you want to change anyway.  Matt's honesty is such a wonderful trait, he helped me realise that although there are certain aspects of my mentality that will just always be there, he helped me realise that it's not a weakness in my personality, it's just part of it. Just this small way of thinking about something that I saw as a failure is actually just part of the way I am, changing this thought process has completely dissipated any power it had over me. What an amazing gift to give someone.   I would say Matt has cured me, but the truth is he has opened my mind to accepting myself"


“When we met with Matt, our business had reached its two year milestone with a really solid client base but we’d lost our focus, along with our work/life balance. After three months of really inspiring sessions and a lot of homework we kicked off 2015 high fiving. Matt helped us redirect the business so we knew exactly what value we were offering clients and who we wanted to work with long term. He also provided great advice on working smarter not harder, from hiring staff to attracting new clients. If you’re just starting out or have been in the small business game for years, he’s well worth a visit.”


" After 10 years of working in an office I was feeling stressed out and unfulfilled in the job that I was doing.  I decided to make a change but although I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I didn’t know where to start.  Matt helped me to identify what was important to me not only in terms of my career but also my life in general.  With Matt’s encouragement and enthusiasm I was able to narrow down my options and discover a particular area of interest, and can now go forward with the confidence that I am making the right decision.  The sessions and the work that we did have been really valuable to me as I now have a focus and a plan to help me make my dream job a reality.  I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who needs help to make a change in their life."